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December 20th

Christmas and New Year

The Nuffield Foundation will be closed from 1pm on Friday 23 December until Tuesday 3 January 2012.

December 19th

Colette Bowe appointed Trustee of the Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Colette Bowe to its Board of Trustees.

December 16th

Trustee Andrew Dilnot appointed Chair of Statistics Authority

Andrew Dilnot

Nuffield Foundation Trustee Andrew Dilnot has been appointed chair of the UK Statistics Authority, the organisation responsible for the top level governance of the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and for the independent scrutiny of all UK official statistics.

December 14th

Mirrlees Review launched at the IMF

The Mirrlees Review has been launched at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington. 

Nuffield research influential in recommendations for changes to inheritance law

Research funded by the Foundation has been influential in the Law Commission’s recommendations to change inheritance law to allow unmarried couples who have lived together for five years or more to inherit from each other without writing a will.

December 12th

Support for Scottish independence at six year high, but economic concerns still to be overcome

Support for independence in Scotland has recovered to levels not seen since the SNP first came to power in 2007, according to latest results from ScotCen Social Research’s Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSA).

However, while there is widespread support for a more powerful Scottish Parliament, the Scottish public remains divided about the likely economic consequences of independence – views that will be key to the outcome of the independence referendum.

December 9th

Global grant-making

UK foundations give an estimated £292 million to international development each year, equal to half the amount spent by DFID through international development NGOs.

The total spent by foundations on international development represents 9% of spending of all UK foundations and 13% of the total spent by those who fund international development.