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June 30th

House of Commons select committees influence policy by ‘generating fear'

Select Committee reportA large-scale study of select committee influence by UCL's Constitution Unit has found that a third of committee recommendations calling for significant policy change are implemented by government.

June 27th

Effective procurement of social research in government

A study into government commissioning of social research has concluded that any of the three procurement methods currently used can be successful, provided best practice is utilised. It also found that procurement method does not substantially affects the relationship between supplier and supplier. 

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2010

The Nuffield Foundation spent £9.6 million on its charitable activities during 2010.  

Of this, £2.4 million was spent on education projects, including grants for research and innovation and curriculum development.

June 22nd

Could we make better use of science practicals?

Nuffield Foundation Education Fellow Alom Shaha examines how and why practical lessons are used in school science in this thought-provoking article on the Guardian science blog.

He argues that practical lessons are not, as many believe, necessarily science experiments, and highlights the distinction between 'learning' science and 'doing' science.  

June 13th

Two thirds of students lack the mathematical knowledge required for their university course

Of the 330,000 students studying university courses that require mathematical knowledge beyond GCSE level, 210,000 of them (64%) do not have the required skills, causing problems for both students and universities. 

June 9th

What's in a vocational qualification?

A new book exploring the mobility and transparency of vocational and education training (VET) across Europe will receive its official launch at the Nuffield Foundation tomorrow. 

June 8th

A Critical Woman: Barbara Wootton, Social Science and Public Policy in the Twentieth Century

Barbara Frances Wootton, nee Adam (Baroness Wootton of Abinger) was one of the extraordinary public figures of the twentieth century. A pioneer in fields relating to economic planning, social science and evidence-informed public policy, her work contributed to the emergence of a distinctive British social science. 

June 6th

State failing in its commitment to young witnesses

Despite some improvements to policy and practice for young witnesses in criminal proceedings, there remain areas in which the state is failing in its commitment to enable them to give their best evidence, according to a new report published today by the Nuffield Foundation and the NSPCC.

June 3rd

Coalition works! The inside story from the Constitution Unit

Research funded by the Nuffield Foundation into the coalition government has concluded that despite the political strains which have affected it in recent months, it has functioned very well in its first year. Viewed from inside, the ructions which have dominated the headlines have not destroyed the coalition’s effectiveness.