More education projects

In recent years we have funded a number of education projects which fall outside our immediate priority areas and cross over with other areas of our work. 

For example, we have funded the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) to undertake research to examine different models for the funding Higher Education. Initially undertaken in 2004 and updated earlier this year, this work has had significant impact - researchers were called to present evidence to the Browne Review of Browne Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance.

Other examples include our work on alternative systems of assessment in schools, an examination of the educational disadvantages faced by older people, and an assessment of the effectiveness of the Labour Government's Specialist Schools Initiative

You can also find publications from past projects such as the Nuffield Languages Inquiry and Nuffield Languages Programme. The Inquiry, chaired by Sir Trevor McDonald, reviewed the UK's capability in languages, and the Programme was established to implement its recommendations through a programme of strategic grant-making.