Am I eligible for funding?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility for funding.

Will you help to fund the running costs of my charity, volunteer or community group?
The Foundation does not make grants for the running costs of voluntary bodies or the continuing provision of a service, however worthwhile.

Do you fund projects abroad?
We normally make grants only to UK organisations, and support work that will be mainly based in the UK, although the Trustees welcome proposals for collaborative projects involving partners in European or Commonwealth countries.

Do you make capital grants?
We do not make grants for capital or building costs. Grants for equipment are allowed when they are part of a project that is otherwise acceptable. We do not make grants solely for purchase of equipment (including computers).

What size grants do you make?
Grants normally range in size from £5000 to £200,000. We rarely make grants for more than £200,000. Larger grants may take longer to process (up to six months).

Can I apply for funding if I am also applying to another body, eg a Research Council?
We do not normally fund projects that could be considered by a government department, a Research Council or a more appropriate charity.

Can I get help to attend a conference?
No, we do not give grants simply to attend conferences.

Will you help to fund conference or seminar?
No, we do not give grants simply to support a conference or seminar.

Do you fund research reviews?
The Foundation is willing to fund research reviews in any of our areas of special interest, in the form of critical syntheses that bring together a body of research evidence, particularly where these draw out the implications for practice and are aimed at a defined practitioner audience.

Can you fund a Chair or other academic post?
No, we do not fund the establishment of chairs, or other permanent academic posts. 

I want to make a film or video. Can you help?
No, we do not give grants simply for the production of films or videos, or for exhibitions. 

Can I get help towards school fees, a university course, or a gap year project?
No, we do not fund individuals for any of these activities. 

I need money – can you help?
No, we cannot respond to requests for financial help from or on behalf of individuals in distress.