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February 27th

Child maintenance policy at odds with public opinion

Findings from the first in-depth study of the British public’s views about the child maintenance obligations of parents who do not live with their children show that most people believe the government should set and enforce child maintenance payments, and should require higher payments than those set by the current statutory formula.

February 19th

Delaying children’s school entry linked to poor academic performance

Delaying school entry could cause poorer academic performance, according to new research from the University of Warwick and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Many parents are keen to hold their children back a year if they were born prematurely or in the summer months. They argue their child will not be mature enough to start school and previous research has suggested children who are born more than three weeks before their due date would benefit from starting school a year later than those who were born at full-term.

Today’s young adults are much less likely to own a home than their parents’ generation

But those owning a home well before the crisis have gained from house price increases and a sharp fall in housing costs.

Family Drug and Alcohol Courts to be extended in England

Specialist courts that tackle the widespread problem of parental substance misuse in care proceedings will be rolled out to new areas of the country after an independent evaluation funded by the Nuffield Foundation and undertaken by Brunel University London found the pilot programme to be a success.

February 17th

Wide disparities in take-up of out of school sports and activities

Thirty per cent of primary school pupils take part in very few organised sports and activity clubs. These children live in largely urban lower income families, and are in striking contrast to the other 70% of children many of whom take part in a wide range of activities, from sport and music to extra tuition.

February 10th

Professor Sir David Watson

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Professor Sir David Watson on 8 February. David had been a dedicated and inspirational Trustee of the Foundation for nearly ten years, and had a formative influence on many of the changes here during that time.

The Coalition’s record on schools

Today sees the publication of a comprehensive independent assessment of the Coalition’s record on schools: an essential guide to policies, spending, the changes in the school system and trends in children’s outcomes.

February 6th

Cost of Court of Protection welfare proceedings

The cost of Court of Protection (CoP) welfare proceedings to local authorities is a serious concern and there are considerable variations between English and Welsh local authorities in the number of welfare cases brought to the Court.

February 4th

Universities of Essex, Nottingham and Southampton awarded Q-Step Affiliate status

The Universities of Essex, Nottingham and Southampton have been awarded Q-Step Affiliate status in recognition of their high level of commitment to the aims of Q-Step, a £19.5 million programme designed to promote a step-change in quantitative social science in the UK. 

Experience counts: smoothing the school to work transition

A report published today shows a need for further policies that can help young people at the start of their working lives, steering them towards positive outcomes and helping them to achieve independence. This brings personal benefits to those involved, but also offers substantial exchequer benefits, as there is strong evidence that adverse early labour market experiences have long-lasting effects, increasing the risk of unemployment and lower earnings as adults.