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June 18th

Intermediaries in the criminal justice system

A new book presenting research funded by the Nuffield Foundation has been published by Policy Press. Intermediaries in the criminal justice system: Improving communication for vulnerable witnesses and defendants by

June 15th

Sharon Witherspoon

Following recent discussions about strategic issues within the Nuffield Foundation, Sharon Witherspoon has decided to step down as its Director. The Foundation Chairman, Professor David Rhind, warmly praised Sharon’s many contributions to the Foundation throughout her 19 years there; a summary of these contributions and achievements is annexed. The decision is entirely amicable on both sides.

June 12th

Being a parent – before and after a split

Fathers who are actively involved in bringing up their young children are more likely in the event of a split from their partner to keep in regular contact with their child. Meanwhile mothers who separate from their child’s father have a poorer view of their abilities as a parent than those who stay in their relationship.

These are two of the key findings from a project funded by the Nuffield Foundation on parenting, which examines these questions for the first time in the UK. 

June 3rd

Vulnerable children and the collateral damage of the “no recourse to public funds” policy

Thousands of children – many of them British citizens – become trapped in a situation of poverty and vulnerability when their parents are precluded from working or accessing benefits, a study published today by the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford reveals.

June 2nd

Fathers' parenting before and after separation: free evening seminar from the Social Research Association

Levels of separation and divorce continue to rise, with almost half of children born today likely to experience parental separation. There is great concern about how to help fathers to stay involved in their children’s lives. 

Study finds English family courts not discriminating against fathers

There is no evidence that family courts in England and Wales are discriminating against fathers because of gender bias, a new study by the University of Warwick and funded by the Nuffield Foundation has found.

Dr Maebh Harding, from the School of Law, reviewed almost 200 case files from 2011 and concluded that contact applications by fathers were in fact “overwhelmingly successful”.