Nuffield Mathematics teaching resources are for use in secondary and further education

Level 2 schemes of work

Each FSMQ course focuses on the application of mathematics in relevant contexts within a particular topic area (finance, shape & space, data, or algebra & graphs) and encourages the use of ICT wherever appropriate.

Note: AQA have decided to discontinue these qualifications. The last exams will be in the June 2018 series.

Two FSMQs and a Core unit can be combined to give an AQA Certificate in Use of Mathematics. For more information see the AQA website.

These schemes of work summarise what is required for the AQA Level 2 FSMQ and Use of Mathematics qualifications, and give links to resources. For all matters related to the specifications and the assessment you should refer to information from AQA.

L2 (Higher) FSMQ Algebra and graphs 
L2 (Higher) FSMQ Data handling
L2 (Higher) FSMQ Financial calculations
L2 (Higher) FSMQ Shape and space

L2 (Higher) AQA Certificate in Use of Maths Core unit