Nuffield Mathematics teaching resources are for use in secondary and further education

Level 3 schemes of work

AQA have decided to discontinue their pilot advanced FSMQs as well as AS and A level Use of Maths.  The last exams will be in the June 2018 series, with a final re-sit opportunity in 2019.

The advanced FSMQs are equivalent in size to one-sixth of a full A-level and can be taken as separate qualifications to support the mathematical content of many other courses such as Biology, Psychology, Geography, Business Studies, or BTECs. They can be combined with other units to give AQA AS or A-level in Use of Mathematics. 

These schemes of work summarise what is required for these AQA qualifications and give links to resources.

For all matters related to the specifications and the assessment you should refer to information from the AQA website.

AQA links 
 and AS/A-level Use of Mathematics  

Schemes of work

L3 (pilot) Algebra (cannot be taken as a separate FSMQ)  
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Data analysis
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Hypothesis testing
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Decision maths
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Dynamics
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Mathematical principles for personal finance
L3 (pilot) FSMQ Calculus

AS and A-level Use of Maths (pilot)