Open Door

We keep an "open door" to proposals of exceptional merit for research projects or practical innovations that lie outside our main programme areas, but that meet Trustees’ wider interests. These must have some bearing on our charitable objective to "improve social well-being" 

We are particularly interested in projects which identify change or interventions which will have a practical implications for policy or practice, or that will improve the quality of research evidence in areas of public debate. Through the Open Door, the Foundation may also identify emerging areas that justify more sustained attention.

If you are unsure about whether your topic qualifies, please submit an outline in the normal way, and you will be advised whether your outline is sufficiently close to the Foundation’s interests to warrant a full application.

Current areas of interest for Open Door

  • Significant structural shifts in British society – demography, social geography, family structures, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, mental health, disability and other vulnerability.
  • The impact of technology on social and economic outcomes, on skills necessary for the modern labour market, and on the wider issue of social relationships and personal identity in a data-driven economy and digital culture.
  • The relationship between trust in data, evidence and institutional authority, and popular values and beliefs.
  • The balance between the protection of individuals and personal responsibility in fostering individual and collective well-being in civic society.
  • Inequalities within and between different generations. 
  • Government, law making and the constitution. Recent projects include studies of: the governance of Parliament; and the audit, inspection and scrutiny of government.
  • The UK and Europe, including cross-country comparative research. Recent projects include: education and migrant families; Chatham House commission on the UK’s future role in Europe; and a study of the role of migrant health and social care workers in ageing societies.

Interested in applying?

For information about submitting an application see our how to apply page.