You may be able to help your son or daughter benefit from the Nuffield Research Placement scheme. However we recommend that you help mainly by giving advice. Leave it to your son or daughter to take the initiative.

Oliver Marsh

How to get involved

The scheme runs in a slightly different way in each region, so the first thing to do is to encourage your son or daughter to contact your nearest Regional Coordinator who will provide more information about how to apply.

If your son or daughter attends a maintained state school, the local coordinator will help to match them with a project in a university or industry near you. 

Students from independent schools, if successful in their applications, are asked to use their school and family links to set up their own placements, so you may be able to help them with this.  Before speaking to your contacts it is important that you speak to your local Nuffield Coordinator. They will advise you about how the scheme is run in your area and the paperwork that needs to be completed by project providers and your son or daughter.

You should wait until you have heard whether or not your son or daughter's application has been successful before making any project arrangements as competition for the scheme is high.

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