What we do NOT fund

Several of our funding programmes are open to applications. The criteria for eligibility and the application process is different, so please read the relevant section on the apply for funding page.

There are a number of things that we do not fund under any of our funding programmes. These include: 

  • Grants for the running costs of voluntary bodies or the continuing provision of a service, however worthwhile.
  • Grants for capital or building costs. Grants for equipment are allowed when they are part of a project that is otherwise acceptable. We do not make grants solely for purchase of equipment (including computers).
  • Grants simply to support or attend conferences or seminars.
  • Funding for projects that could be considered by a government department, a Research Council or a more appropriate charity.
  • The establishment of Chairs, or other permanent academic posts.
  • Grants for the production of films or videos, or for exhibitions.
  • Funding for school fees, a university course, or a gap year project.
  • Requests for funding for financial help from or on behalf of individuals in distress.