August 26th

Are we failing to engage young people?

In his attempt to probe for deeper causes of the recent disturbances across England, journalist Warwick Mansell revisits reports from the Engaging Youth Enquiry, undertaken by the Rathbone Trust as part of the Nuffield Review of 14-19 Education and Training.

August 17th

Vorderman draws on Nuffield research to demonstrate inadequacy of mathematics education provision

Carol Vorderman’s report into mathematics education makes a series of recommendations for mathematics education, among them that everyone should study some form of mathematics until the age of 18. The report, A world-class mathematics education for all our young people, draws on Nuffield Foundation research in its recommendations.  

August 15th

Solidarity: a core value in bioethics

Solidarity in bioethics has received increasing attention but it is often unclear what the concept means.

Together with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, we have funded the Nuffield Council on Bioethics to develop a new working definition of solidarity and apply it to policy making in the areas of biobanks, pandemics and lifestyle disease. 

August 10th

Science Bursary students get to work

Over one thousand students across the UK are currently gaining professional experience of scientific research though their Nuffield Science Bursary placements.

August 4th

July 22nd

Parental alienation and the voices of children in family proceedings

In a relatively small portion of all separation and divorce cases, children reject a parent. How and why does this happen? How do the courts respond to these cases, which are characterised by high levels of conflict between parents, and what should they do? What can we learn from the experience of other jurisdictions such as Canada and the US?

These were some of the questions addressed in a seminar hosted by the Foundation on 13 July and led by Professor Nicholas Bala from Queen’s University in Canada.

July 20th

Marriage does not improve children's development

New research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, finds little or no evidence that marriage itself has any effect on children’s social or cognitive development.

This calls into question the idea that supporting marriage through the tax system, which the Prime Minister has repeatedly expressed his desire to do, would improve children’s cognitive or social development.

July 11th

Greater freedom for NHS hospitals 'making no difference'

A grant from the Nuffield Foundation was the starting point for a research study showing that giving hospitals greater autonomy may not lead to enhanced productivity and performance.

July 5th

New CPD resource for community languages teachers

A new CPD resource is available for teachers of community languages who wish to incorporate a focus on arts based creativity (stories, drama, art works, multimedia) into their teaching approach.

Stepping Stones: A strategy for reforming long-term care funding

This week the Commission on Funding of Care and Support, led by Nuffield Foundation Trustee Andrew Dilnot, has recommended capping the costs and increasing the means-tested threshold of adult social care.