June 13th

Sector-led Review of the 'care crisis' launches today

The Nuffield-funded Review confirms there is a crisis in Children’s Social Care and Family Justice Sector and sets out 20 options for change.

June 12th

Poorer children are less likely to benefit from free nursery places

Free nursery places disproportionately benefit children from higher income families, according to a new research paper from Nuffield-funded researchers at LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE). 

June 11th

NHS is failing new mothers and babies by ignoring fathers

The NHS is failing to provide the 'family-centred' antenatal, maternity or health visitor services required by its own rules and desired by parents, according to a new Nuffield-funded survey of new fathers by the Fatherhood Institute

June 6th

Mark Franks appointed Director of Welfare

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed Mark Franks as Director of Welfare. Mark will lead the development of the Foundation’s welfare research portfolio and contribute to the organisation’s strategic direction as part of the senior management team. He will join the Foundation on 25 June from the Office of Manpower Economics where he is Chief Economist.

June 4th

The ‘self-improving school-led system’ – evaluating the changes, exploring implications

The Nuffield Foundation is convening a seminar to discuss findings from a research project exploring the ways in which schools in England have interpreted and begun to respond to the ‘self-improving school-led system’ (SISS) policy agenda. The seminar will be Chaired by The Rt Hon the Baroness Morris of Yardley. 

May 22nd

Government’s grammar school funding won’t improve children’s outcomes

Grammar school pupils do not gain any advantage over children who do not attend a grammar school by age 14, according to a new Nuffield-funded study from UCL.

April 26th

Nuffield Foundation appoints team to deliver development phase of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory

The Nuffield Foundation has appointed a team led by Professor Karen Broadhurst at Lancaster University to deliver the development phase of the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory. The Observatory will support the best possible decisions for children by improving the use of data and research evidence in the family justice system in England and Wales.

Defending a divorce is expensive, complicated, and unlikely to succeed, making it an inaccessible option for most people, and an ineffective and unfair legal process.

New research published today by the Nuffield Foundation explores why defended divorce occurs and examines how cases are dealt with by the courts. No Contest finds that the great majority of defences arise from quarrels about who is ‘at fault’, but in practice this is not something that can be determined by the courts, and most cases are settled, rather than decided by a judge.

April 9th

Dissemination of child welfare research to the judiciary is ‘complex and fragmented’

A study of arrangements for research dissemination to the judiciary, and judicial experiences of engaging with research, shows that while there have been significant developments in recent years, current arrangements are complex and fragmented.

March 29th

Degrees of Advantage: A longer-term investigation of the careers of UK graduates

The Nuffield Foundation has awarded funding to the University of Warwick for an 18-month project to extend its research into the experiences of graduates in the UK labour market.