March 18th, 2013

Nuffield student Emily O'Regan wins UK Young Scientist of the Year

Congratulations to Nuffield Research Placement students Emily O’Regan and Fred Turner for winning UK Scientist of the Year and UK Engineer of the Year at the National Science and Engineering Competition Award Ceremony at London’s ExCel on Friday.  

March 13th

Is our system for dealing with international child abductions under threat?

Research conducted by Cardiff University’s Law School and funded by the Foundation shows that the efficiency of the system dealing with international child abduction to England and Wales may be under threat.

March 8th

More women - and their husbands - in work due to rising female pension age

Since April 2010 the age at which women can first receive a state pension has been rising from 60. It is currently at 61 years and 5 months and is due to rise to 66 by 2020.

February 27th

Excluded children more likely to go to prison

Pupils excluded from school at 12 are four times as likely as other children to be jailed as adults, a new study funded by the Foundation shows.

Researchers found that boys, children living in single parent families, and those from the poorest communities were most likely to be barred from school. They also concluded that equally badly behaved pupils from more affluent areas and those from two parent families were accorded greater tolerance and, as a consequence, were far less likely to be expelled.

February 21st

Key Ideas in Teaching Mathematics

A new book published today sheds light on teaching key ideas in mathematics to 9- to 19-year-olds.

February 19th

Recession hits workplaces, but not employee attitudes

According to the latest Workplace Employment Relations Study, the recession has had a profound impact on Britain's workplaces. In many workplaces, managers have responded with changes in their staffing practices, with one third (33%) of employees seeing their wages frozen or cut and 29% seeing their workload increased.

Adversity, Adoption and Afterwards

The findings from the British Chinese Adoption Study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, have been published by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) in a new book, Adversity, Adoption and Afterwards: A midlife follow-up study of women adopted from Hong Kong.

February 8th

Pupils with most serious special needs spend too much time apart from their classmates and teachers

Pupils with the most acute special educational needs (SEN) spend over a quarter of their week away from their class, teacher and peers, according to new research from the Institute of Education (IOE) and funded by the Nuffield Foundation. This "high degree of separation" means that both their education and their social development suffer.

February 6th

Refugees and asylum seekers face post-16 education lottery

Refugees and asylum seekers face a lottery when applying for further education in England, leaving many without the opportunity to gain the skills and qualifications they need to integrate into British society, the Refugee Council states in a new report funded by the Nuffield Foundation

Borrowing to take the strain until the election. More pain on spending, jobs and tax after the election

The IFS Green Budget, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, is published today. Main findings include: