Child welfare and development

We fund projects designed to explore the factors that affect children’s welfare and development, in both a cognitive and social context, and the institutional responses that may be appropriate.

Details of individual projects relating to child welfare and development, including their outputs where available, can be found by clicking on the relevant link in the Our work in this area section of this page.

Funding priorities 
  • Child development beyond the early years through to adolescence, particularly adolescent mental health and social and behavioural development.
  • Family structures and approaches to parenting. This includes parental working patterns – and the implications of these for family life and children’s wellbeing.
  • The formation of new family types, the contribution of inter-parental relationships, the different roles played by biological and social parents, kinship care, and the well-being of children growing up in adverse family conditions.
  • Partnership formation and dissolution and the consequences for childhood outcomes, for example the impact on family resources or the arrangements for child maintenance and parenting.
  • We are particularly keen to ensure there is better information about the contribution that fathers and other co-parents make to parenting, given that they are missing from or under-represented in, most of the relevant surveys. 
Further information 

Full details about the priorities and criteria for our Children and Families funding programme, along with information about the application process is available in the apply for funding section.  

Our work in this area