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Nuffield Research Placements

Think back to when you were 17. What did you know about research as a career? How did you get where you are today? It's likely there were key individuals and experiences that motivated and inspired you, and it's those experiences that we want to give to young people through our Nuffield Research Placements.

We are looking for employers to offer a 4-6 week project for our students in their summer holidays. Projects must have broadly scientific or technical content, but they don’t have to be based in a laboratory. They might be office-based or include a lot of fieldwork, or they might focus on engineering, data analysis or computer science.

We work with a wide range of organisations, including universities and research institutes, local government and public sector agencies, tech and pharmaceutical companies, think tanks and market research agencies.

Some of these organisations employ thousands of people, and some have a single-figure headcount. What they all have in common is a research and development project in need of some attention and a commitment to sharing their passion for their business with young people from their local area.

What are the benefits?

  • Support young people and diversify your workforce (50% of Nuffield students are female and over 50% of students are from areas of high deprivation)
  • Provide your staff with opportunities to apply and develop their coaching, mentoring and management skills
  • Get a head start on a project that could inform new areas of work and contribute to your business development
  • Fulfil your public engagement, widening participation and corporate social responsibility goals
  • Forge strong links with schools and colleges in your local area, and with talented students who could be your future employees

What can I expect?

A typical Nuffield student will be a 17 year-old student from a local school or college. They will have just completed their first year of an advanced or higher level course in a STEM subject.

Our students are intelligententhusiastic and committed, and will have been through a thorough selection process. We actively encourage participation from students who don’t have a family history of going to university or who attend schools in less well-off areas. We make sure no-one is excluded on a financial basis by funding students’ travel and providing bursaries to those most in need.

Nuffield students will require supervision and guidance, but in return they will make a significant contribution to your organisation. Our students work to a high standard on different types of projects, depending on the organisation and its priorities. 

Work done by students often leads to published papers, and has been used as the basis for grant applications.

Early career researchers may find they are able to use their Nuffield Research Placement supervision experience as part of their PhD.

How do I get involved?

The first step is to have a conversation with your local Nuffield coordinator, who will tell you all you need to know about hosting a student. Contact details for our regional coordinators are available here. You can also email nrp@nuffieldfoundation.org

Our coordinators are there to help you every step of the way.

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'The Nuffield students are mature, talented and reliable. Provided that the placement is planned appropriately, Nuffield students achieve very useful results that feed into our research team's main projects and add great value to our research output.'

Jane Whittaker, Unilever Research & Development Port Sunlight Laboratory.

Sound good to you? Contact your regional coordinator for more information on Nuffield Research Placements.

Download our project provider leaflet and poster for display in your workplace.