Grants for research and innovation projects

We are reviewing our funding priorities and will publish our strategic intent for our grants programmes in summer 2017. In the meantime, we have added some new areas to our funding criteria that reflect our emerging agenda.

In addition to our existing funding priorities, we are calling for applications that examine:

  • Significant structural shifts in British society – demography, social geography, family structures, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, mental health, disability and other vulnerability.
  • The impact of technology on social and economic outcomes, on skills necessary for the modern labour market, and on the wider issue of social relationships and personal identity in a data-driven economy and digital culture.
  • The relationship between trust in data, evidence and institutional authority, and popular values and beliefs.
  • The balance between the protection of individuals and personal responsibility in fostering individual and collective well-being in civic society.
  • Inequalities within and between different generations.

The application process and criteria for these new areas are the same as for our current programmes and anyone who is interested in applying should read our Guide for applicants.

No change to existing programmes

We are accepting applications as usual to our existing grant programmes, although within our Open Door programme we will give priority to applications that fit our emerging agenda (as detailed above). These programmes are:

Children and Families: funds projects to help ensure that social policy and the institutions governing family life in the UK are best adapted to meet the needs of children and families.

Early Years Education and Childcare: funds projects in our priority areas of educational attainment and child development outcomes, tackling social disadvantage, parental and family contexts, wider societal impacts, and public policy mechanisms.

Economic Advantage and Disadvantage: funds projects on the distribution of all aspects of individual and household economic well-being, their causes and consequences. 

Educationfunds projects in our priority areas of primary education, secondary education transitions, science and mathematics.  

Finances of Ageingfunds projects related to all aspects of finance, economics, and transfers related to individual and population ageing. 

Law in Societyfunds projects designed to promote access to, and improve understanding of, the civil and family justice systems. 

Open Doorfor projects that improve social well-being, and meet Trustees’ wider interests, but that lie outside the programme areas above. 

Grants are mainly for research (usually carried out in universities or independent research institutes) but are also made for practical developments or innovation (often in voluntary sector organisations).

As an independent Foundation, we are well placed to deal with sensitive issues, to challenge fashions and tacit assumptions. We support people with creative ideas to identify change or interventions which will have a practical impact for researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

We do not fund the ongoing costs of existing work or services, or research that simply advances knowledge. See a full list of what we do not fund.