Nuffield Research Placements timetable

The timetable varies from region to region to fit in with the local pattern of terms and holidays. Your Nuffield Coordinator will give you details. The broad pattern of events is as follows: 

From September 2016

  • Study the information on the Nuffield website.
  • Speak to your teacher about your interest in a Nuffield Research Placement.
  • Contact your Nuffield Coordinator if you have any queries about the programme.
  • If you are in doubt as to which region you come under, check with the relevant Nuffield Coordinator before making an application.

October 2016

  • Applications can be made from late October.

October 2016 to April 2017

  • Complete your application (please note, application deadlines vary by region).
  • Make sure you have uploaded your parent/guardian consent form, checked and completed all parts of your application.
  • Check that your teacher has completed their reference through the online system.

May to July 2017

  • Students attend an induction event designed to help them get the most from their Nuffield Research Placement.

July to August 2017

  • Carry out the Nuffield Research Placement.

August to December 2017

  • Students complete a report and show off their work at a celebration event run by their Nuffield Coordinator.