Science education

We support science teachers and learners through innovative resources, professional development and research. We often work in partnership with other experts in science education.

If you are interested in applying for funding for a research or development project in science education, please read about our priorities for funding.  

You can find details of our recent research and policy projects in the Our work in this area section of this page. Recent projects include an independent assessment of our GCSE science course, Twenty First Century Science, and an investigation of the popularity of Applied Science.  

We have hundreds of science teaching and learning resources available to download free of charge. All these, as well as information about our GCSE and AS level science courses, can be found in the Teachers section of this website. Current projects include Twenty First Century Science, Science in SocietySalters-Nuffield Advanced Biology and cross-curricular STEM projects

We also build capacity in science and research through our Nuffield Research Placements scheme, which provides university and work-based research placements for Key Stage 5 students. In addition, we work in partnership with five top universities to run a specialised programme of research in rheumatic disease - the Oliver Bird Rheumatism Programme