Social policy

We aim to improve policy and practice in several important areas of social policy by funding research and innovation projects designed to stimulate change.

Our Children and Families programme funds projects designed to ensure that the legal and institutional framework is best adapted to meet the needs of children, particularly those growing up in adverse conditions.  

Our Early Years Education and Childcare programme funds projects across five themes relating to this increasingly prominent area of social policy. 

We aim to improve policy and practice in civil law through our Law in Society programme, particularly in relation to family justice, administrative justice, improving access for vulnerable people, and the wider design of the legal system.

We are keen to examine the distribution of all aspects of individual and household economic well-being, from poverty and benefits to wealth and savings through our Economic Advantage and Disadvantage programme. 

Our Finances of Ageing programme takes a broad interest in aspects of finance, economics, and transfers related to individual and population ageing. 

Through our Open Door programme we fund projects that lie outside our main programme areas but which meet Trustees' wider interests and our mission to improve social well-being.    

Details of individual projects in each of these areas can be found by clicking on the relevant link in the Our work in this area section of this page.

Full details about the priorities and criteria for each of these funding programmes, along with information about the application process is available in the apply for funding section. 

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