Undertaking a Nuffield Research Placement will inspire and motivate your students. It will help give them the skills and confidence they need to get a place at a top university.

"Every pupil who has taken part in the scheme has benefited from increased confidence and general experience. It has usually improved motivation during their final year at school and they have all achieved admission to their preferred University courses."
- Lynn Friedrichsen, Principal Teacher Faculty, Dumfries Academy

The experience can be particularly valuable to students who don't have a family history of going to university, or who come from low income families. We want more students from these backgrounds to apply, and can offer them financial support while they undertake the placement.

"Our students benefit from this experience tremendously, especially as many of them are identified as coming from areas of social deprivation"
- Lila Obuchowicz, Senior Tutor and Aimhigher Coordinator Science, Leyton Sixth form College

How to get involved

In addition to the benefits for your students, getting involved with Nuffield Research Placements will raise the profile of your school in your local community. It will enable you to forge links with researchers in your area, in universities, industry and the voluntary sector.

All you need to do is tell your students about the programme, and write a short reference for each one who applies. There is no financial cost to you or your school.

You can download a copy of our information leaflet for students and school poster to help you promote the programme. Alternatively, you can request hard copies of these materials by contacting nrp@nuffieldfoundation.org.